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Welcome to the lesser known unofficial planetside 2 wiki that anybody can edit! Because this is unknown to most people we would like you to spread the word about this wiki. Planetside 2 is a MMO FPS set in the world of auraxis. The game is free to play and was made by SOE and is still being updated today. The highlights include 3 unique factions, 6 unique classes that are very customizable, 8 different vehicles to take you across 3 continents, and many different bases for you to fight in. Membership is available for subscription, however is not required to fully enjoy the game but it is required for cosmetics. Hope you have a quick trigger finger and are ready to work as a team!


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  • The wiki is currently under heavy maintenence as it is very out of date, unfinished, an unmoderated. We are fixing these problems but it will take some time. Please do your part and help in making this wiki better for everyone.

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